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Baseball weather update: Tracking Hurricane Wildcard

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Is Tampa Bay still in the “cone of uncertainty?”

PLAYOFF WATCH ISSUED: A Playoff Watch has been issued for the city of St. Petersburg.

The Category 2 Playoff-icane is tracking slowly towards October, and is currently projected to hit St. Petersburg at some point late this week, though there is a high degree of uncertainty in its path.

The European model, always the outlier, shows the storm stalling out before turning sharply north toward Cleveland.

The most reliable models maintain the cone of uncertainty in both cities with a very late turn, possibly not until Sunday.

The city of Oakland remains under a Category 1 Playoff Warning with a very narrow cone of uncertainty. Most models predict the Category 1 storm hitting Oakland midweek, though the BASEBALLGONNABASEBALL Model still shows them missing October entirely.

Fans in both Cleveland and Tampa Bay are advised to stock up on beer, nachos, and antacid.