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“Choi to the World” - Ji-Man Choi

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Yes, this absolutely needed to exist.

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The Tampa Bay Rays are on the cusp of reaching the postseason for the first time since 2013 and this is partly due to the heroics of Ji-Man Choi, who has been on a tear as of late.

On Tuesday night, in a must-win game, Ji-Man Choi came up in the bottom of the 12th against the New York Yankees with the score knotted at 1-1; Choi lined a ball into the seats into the first few rows in right field bleachers for a thrilling walk-off home run to give the Rays a victory, keeping them in control of the second Wild Card spot.

Now you can pay homage to Ji-Man Choi and that heroic feat, thanks to a partnership with Breaking-T and the MLBPA.

Grab a shirt and give ‘Choi to the World’

You can also relive that epic moment of Rays history again and again and again, by viewing the trio of different audio calls of the blast below:

There are just three games remaining for the Rays in the regular season. They have a 1.5 game lead over the Cleveland Indians for the second Wild Card spot and sit just a half game back of the Oakland Athletics for the top spot.