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View from the Catwalk: Wild Thing Special

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Just a few snippets to celebrate a return to the postseason

Baltimore Orioles v Toronto Blue Jays Photo by Mark Blinch/Getty Images

Last night, a Rays win and Indian’s loss ensured a Wild Card spot for Tampa Bay. The Wild Card game is scheduled for 8pm on Wednesday October 2, either in Oakland or St. Petersburg. The Rays and Athetlics are tied for the first Wild Card spot at the moment, so either site is possible. The A’s, however, hold the tie-breaker (they won the season series) so the only way for the Rays to bring this game home would be for them to finish the season ahead. (You can buy your Wild Card tickets now).

Lot’s of fun links to celebrate the Rays return to the postseaon!

For game details, check out John Ford’s recap here.

If you just want to prolong that AHHHHHHH feeling, you can check out tweets from the postgame celebration. You’ll find a lot on the Rays twitter feed, the Fox Sports Florida feed, as well as the Twitter and Instagram feeds of the players. Many wore Gopro cameras as they partied and posted live streams, you can check them out if raucous screaming and shaky camera work is your thing.

The final out:

I feel like Nate Lowe needed to sell that a bit better; he should have studied tapes of Akinora Iwamura from 2008.

Kevin Cash doesn’t seem like a guy who favors long quotable speeches, so he keeps it short and sweet:

Johnny Davis has scored practically every important run in September. So glad he’s a Ray:

Tyler Glasnow must be a fun guy at a party:

(If you saw that live you know that Tyler broke his vow not to cuss on TV).

Already a classic:

Our beat reporters were all there to record the win and the celebration; you can read about it in the Athletic ($) or follow the coverage in the Tampa Bay Times ($). Juan Toribio also provides coverage via

Other Rays links:

What would a Rays win be without Neil’s voice talking us through it? He traveled to Toronto to give us this:

What’s this, an article about the Rays and Tropicana field that says thoughtful and even kind things? Thanks, Michael Baumann and The Ringer, for actually visiting the place.

But aside from this article, I invite Rays fans to start a new drinking game: take a shot any time a random fan rags on Tropicana Field attendance on a Rays-related tweet or article — even if the tweet/article is about something completely unrelated to attendance. Or maybe don’t make it a drinking game because it will be bad for your health. I don’t understand why an article about, say, the Rays bullpen gets 10 comments that say “Yeah, but their attendance!”