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Jays 4, Rays 1: Blame it on the juice

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Not the outing we might have hoped for...

MLB: Tampa Bay Rays at Toronto Blue Jays Eric Bolte-USA TODAY Sports

At least they already clinched.

It was the one thought likely on the minds of players and fans alike as the Jays took an early lead in the second game of this three-game series, one that the Rays were never able to recover from.

A quick glance at the dugout showed pale, exhausted faces, and who could blame them? The celebrations of clinching the franchise’s fifth postseason berth likely went well into the night. It definitely showed.

Play was sluggish throughout (not suggesting they weren’t trying, but there was little to no life in the Rays dugout today).

Ryan Yarbrough started things off, and aside from a rocky first inning, was actually very good. He went five innings and struck out three, but unfortunately for both Yarbrough and the Rays, the first inning was enough damage to lose the game. He gave up three runs on five hits, and all three of those runs were in the first. First a Teoscar Hernandez home run started things off, then Grichuk scored Biggio, and Tellez scored Grichuk.

It took until the seventh inning for the Rays to bite back, on a Matt Duffy home run (his first this season).

The Jays were not content to let the Rays narrow the lead, though, and that same inning Urena score Jansen to make the score 4-1.

Trent Thornton, the Jays starter, had a fine looking box score, but it’s worth noting that the first inning was NOT his friend, as he threw almost 40 pitches to start the game. The Jays ultimately burned through six pitchers, contrasting the Rays four, with many relievers being used for only one or two outs. Good luck to them when the LOOGY disappears next season.

Overall it was just a lacklustre kind of game, and one has to hope the energy returns tomorrow as the champagne hangovers wear off.

In the meantime, let’s turn our attention to the West and hope the Mariners are able to win tonight.