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“Success is Revenge” — Get this Tommy Pham t-shirt!


Tommy Pham had a walk-off to remember last night against the Orioles, as the player had choice words for both the pitcher and the O’s celebrating pitchers throwing up-and-in — particularly after a hit by pitch earlier in the game nearly took him out of the game.

Pham got the best kind of revenge, batting Joey Wendle home in the tenth inning before introducing the perfect phrase to encapsulate his entire approach to the game:

“Success is Revenge”

We had to partner with our friends at BrekingT and the MLBPA to get this on a shirt immediately!

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You can hear The Smoothie King himself drop the phrase post-game for yourself as well.

And of course re-live the moment from all the angles from the Rays PR crew:

This is the mantra the Rays needed for September!

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And don’t stop making smoothies, Tommy!