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2019 Rays Walk-up Music Bracket: Semifinals

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A pair of distinct matchups

MLB: Baltimore Orioles at Tampa Bay Rays Douglas DeFelice-USA TODAY Sports

And then there were four. And once again the bracket format has paid of in an interesting way. The two semifinal matchups offer a classic rock showdown on one side and a more modern R&B showdown on the other. Based on how this voting block has trended in years past, that may favor one over the other, but we’ll see how it plays out this year.

Semifinal Matchups

Matt Duffy: “When the Levee Breaks” by Led Zeppelin

Mike Zunino: “I Won’t Back Down” by Tom Petty

Breakdown: This matchup pits one of last year’s co-winners (when the two Led Zeppelin songs somewhat incredibly finished in an exact tie in the final) vs. my personal choice to win pre-2019 bracket.

Naturally, I’m still leaning towards Zunes and Petty, but I’m starting to get worried. Duffy and the Levees haven’t faced a close vote all bracket, and maybe it’s just time for Duffy to win so we can call Zeppelin the walk-up winners, and retire them moving forward, allowing for more fresh blood instead of asking voters to vote against their hearts.

Follow your hearts (hopefully to a real Heartbreaker).


Better Walk-up Song

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  • 40%
    Matt Duffy: "When the Levee Breaks" by Led Zeppelin
    (46 votes)
  • 59%
    Mike Zunino: "I Won’t Back Down" by Tom Petty
    (67 votes)
113 votes total Vote Now

Kevin Kiermaier: “Hustlin’” Rick Ross

Travis d’Arnaud: “The Way I Live” by Baby Boy Da Prince

Breakdown: I’m honestly so proud of the voting audience that TdA and Baby Boy have made this run to the semis. However, I have a strong feeling the run stops here. As ntoed previously, the first-year winner of this project was Evan Longoria with a very mediocre song (“Down & Out” by Tantric).

I think the only chance we have of slowing down the runaway train that is Led Zeppelin (planes, trains, and automobiles, oh my) is something similar here: Kevin Kiermaier nostalgia. “Hustlin’” is a decent song, better than “Down & Out,” but by no means actually the best walk-up song on this year’s Rays roster.

HOWEVAH, there’s a certain appeal to hearing a song so distinctly tied to a certain player for so long. And not to turn this into a subtle dig against the Rays and how they run the team, but this may be even truer for Rays fans. Longoria, by the time he was traded, was by far the franchise leader in games played.

Well, KK, despite his sordid injury history, is already No. 7 on that list. He is also quite easily the active leader, and this is now year seven of his career. So while, in a vacuum, I would select “The Way I Live,” I think it’s totally fair to go with “Hustlin’” Kevin Kiermaier for sentimental reasons.


Better Walk-up Song

This poll is closed

  • 60%
    Kevin Kiermaier: "Hustlin’" Rick Ross
    (61 votes)
  • 39%
    Travis d’Arnaud: "The Way I Live" by Baby Boy Da Prince
    (40 votes)
101 votes total Vote Now