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Tampa Bay Rays News and Links: Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop

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27 over and counting

MLB: Toronto Blue Jays at Tampa Bay Rays Jonathan Dyer-USA TODAY Sports

The Rays got one of their key pieces back on Sunday, and boy oh boy did he look electric. Tyler Glasnow, out since May 10, came back with some straight fire, hitting 100 on the gun, and making the Jays first three hitters look like Little Leaguers in the first inning. Randal Grichuk got to him in the second inning, but overall, the returns were amazing.

With Snell also looking sharp in his rehab start, there’s good reason to think the Rays will be (nearly) fully stocked on the arms front come postseason time. Now we just gotta lock that spot in.

With Cleveland and Oakland also winning on Sunday, the Rays maintain their one-game lead over Oakland and 2.5-game lead over Cleveland. The Rays hit the road to take on the Rangers starting Tuesday, while Oakland has to play Houston on the road, and Cleveland goes on the road to face the Fighting Mike Trouts. Let’s go, Stros/Angels!

News and Links

  • Rays pitcher Tyler Glasnow hits 100 mph in promising first start back from four-month absence — Yes, yes.

Tweet of the Weekend

Let us revel in the idiocy of this move from Boston (while respectfully fearing that they will go after Bloom...) and realize that it only takes 15 years for a franchise to go from lovable loser to the most spoiled fanbase in the history of sports. Constant vigilance, folks.