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Alex Cora officially out as Boston Red Sox Manager

Cora’s punishment from MLB is still unknown

2019 Major League Baseball Winter Meetings Photo by Billie Weiss/Boston Red Sox/Getty Images

The fallout from the MLB investigation into the Houston Astros sign stealing scandal continue: Alex Cora out as Red Sox manager following sign-stealing scandals - ESPN

Red Sox and Cora are claiming “mutually” parting ways, I’m sure in much the same way my college bar and myself would “mutually” part ways after I demanded the karaoke mic for my 3rd attempt at crushing Wearwolves of London.

The MLB investigators found Cora deeply involved in the sign stealing scheme in Houston, and the Red Sox are currently still under investigation for a different sign stealing scheme that Cora was potentially in the center of as manager there. From Jimmy Golen of the AP: Red Sox manager Alex Cora fired in sign-stealing scandal

Manfred mentioned Cora by name 11 times in a nine-page report, saying he “originated and executed” the scheme in which Houston used a center field camera to decode catchers’ signals to pitchers, then banged on a trash can to relay the signs to batters so they would know what type of pitch was coming.

Yesterday, Passan was reporting that, per his sources, Cora’s discipline will be “harsh” and more than what Hinch and Luhnow got:

This is a massive deal, and while we still do not know the full extent of the Red Sox scheme, or the punishment that will be handed down from the MLB, it’s not surprising Cora is out as manager.

In two years as Red Sox Manager, Alex Cora has won the World Series, faced a highly disappointing year and missed the postseason, been named as a key figure in a cheating scandal, lost his job, and is now waiting on word of how long he will be suspended.

And finally in tweets that did not age very well: