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Tampa Bay News and Links: Starling Marte traded to the Diamondbacks

Who’s excited about a full year (please please) of Tyler Glasnow?

St Louis Cardinals v Pittsburgh Pirates Photo by Justin K. Aller/Getty Images

Around baseball

A semi-big free agent signing and a big trade were yesterday’s MLB highlights.

The Pirates, seen as a team in the rebuilding stage (post-trade their payroll is around $43 million) traded outfielder Starling Marte to the Diamondbacks for two highly ranked prospects:

The 31-year-old Marte, who still has two years on his contract (the second is a team option), had been at the center of trade rumors for a while. Early reactions suggest that trade meets the D-Backs need to improve this year and the Pirates need to improve their farm system depth.

And the Reds have taken another free agent off the boards. Nick Castellanos has signed with Cincinnati; the four-year contract is for $64 million. Castellanos has two opt-outs (after the first and second year).

Rays stuff

Rays pitchers, are your ears burning? Because Sarah Langs is talking about you. Emilio Pagan, Tyler Glasnow, Charlie Morton, Nick Anderson and Yonny Chirinos all get shout-outs in this study of best pitchers by pitch type. And I am very much on board for this: “ A full season of Tyler Glasnow is going to be a ton of fun to watch”

John Romano wonders who in the Rays pretty stacked bullpen will be the closer. ($) How about the team identifies the best pitchers and uses them in the highest leverage situations depending on match-ups? That has always seemed like the smartest way to run a bullpen.

The Rays have announced coaching and managerial staffing for their minor league teams. Juan Toribio has a complete list of minor league managers, coaches and coordinators, here are some highlights.

Several teams have new managers:

  • Class-A Bowling Green Manager Blake Butera, spent last season managing Short-A Hudson Valley;
  • Short-A Hudson Valley Manager Rafael Valenzuela, spent last season managing the Rookie-level GCL Rays;
  • Rookie-level Princeton Manager Sean Smedley, spent last season as a coach of Short-A Hudson Valley;
  • Rookie-level GCL Rays Manager Reinaldo Ruiz, spent last season managing Class-A Bowling Green

The Durham Bulls have a new hitting coach, Kyle Wilson (read more about him here). Wilson does not appear to have any professional playing experience — just one year coaching in the Mariners system. Interesting choice.

New Rays DH Jose Martinez isn’t just a good hitter — he is a coffee entrepreneur as well. I’ve just ordered his dark roast and plan to brew some up; stay tuned for my review.

Old friend alerts

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Baseball innovations in 2020

This should be fun: