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Tampa Bay Rays news and links: Truck Day 2020!

Baseball is so close you can almost taste it.

Truck day?

Truck day!

Rays News

Rays VP James Click, a respected mind in the Rays front office, has interviewed for the General Manager opening in Houston

  • The story making waves this morning is that Rays President Brian Auld has verbally acknowledged the Rays legal leverage in Tropicana Field’s use agreement. To be honest, it’s a bit baffling as news: It’s not a threat to say the Rays are not without a negotiating position in the Stadium Saga.
  • Neil Solondz sat down with several Rays pitchers in the latest podcast:
  • Rays free agent Matt Duffy has found a minor league deal with the Texas Rangers
  • Cafecito has a new number with the Rays
  • More information on the Scott Kazmir comeback tour

Other Links

The Cubs may not have acted in good faith in manipulating his service time, but they appear to have followed the letter of the law, so to speak, and did not violate MLB’s rules governing prospect service time.

While it may be difficult to appreciate a player’s frustration with being paid $20 million to play the game, consider that extra year of Cubs control is one extra year Bryant does not reach free agency, which may cost the player millions over the course of his career.

  • Bad news for people who like hating the Astros: Dusty Baker got the manager gig

On that note...