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ALCS Game 1 Diary: Kicking off the Championship Series in style

You ready for seven in seven?

League Championship - Houston Astros v Tampa Bay Rays - Game One Photo by Sean M. Haffey/Getty Images

Pre-game: Still in recovery mode. Slightly still hungover from Friday. Let’s dance.

Top 1st: Ugh. 1-0 Astros

(Bang a drum...)

Bottom 1st: Rays swinging at air a bit there

Top 2nd: Snell wayyyy better.

Bottom 2nd: As much as I hate it... Framber Valdez has the opposite of a punchable face. He seems very sweet. It’s taking a lot to root against him. What can I use as motivation to root against him...? Oh that’s right:

Top 3rd: The Astros definitely feel like they’re hunting fastballs. It paid off for Altuve, but that’s only one run through three. Plus (it doesn’t really matter BUT) they have also looked SUPER silly on a few low curves. What a bunch of losers.

Bottom 3rd: KK giveth and KK taketh away. (I like the decision to try to steal third, though. Zunino never going to single but is a big time sac fly candidate.)

Top 4th: Snell looking sketchy, but that line into double play.

Maybe we go to pen soon, Cash?

Bottom 4th: Live look at Randy Arozarena’s home in 2045

All tied up at 1-1.

Top 5th: [Before inning starts] I guess you have to in Game 1 of a seven-in-seven series... But leaving Snell out for a third time through feels like guaranteed runs for Houston here.

[After inning ends]

Bottom 5th: Speaking of me being a fool, I absolutely love that my Zunino hate has powered him to do something good every game I recap. 2-1 Rays

Top 6th: John Curtiss in, and living up to the meme

Thank you, Dom, and thank you (forever) TBS.

Bottom 6th: Hunter Renfroe, we may need you to take a breath for a minute.

Top 7th: Thompson in, and doing Thompson things.

Bottom 7th: Interesting to see Dusty using his top arms down one. I like it, but it’s very antithetical to the Cash approach this postseason so far.

Yes, I will use this gif in every article.

Top 8th: Loup in.... insta-HBP... Castillo up...

Castillo in to handle bases loaded one out... and on pitch later, we’re safe.

Bottom 8th: I’m gonna be honest, I put together most of this article during this inning but it appears as though we had a threat but didn’t score...

Top 9th: Die-GOAT Castillo locks it in. 2-1 Rays winnnnnn.