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Randy Arozarena is taking his place among the legends of October

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Records All Night Day Year

League Championship - Houston Astros v Tampa Bay Rays - Game Seven Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

Randy Arozarena is having an absolute star-making postseason.

I’m not even sure saying “star-making” is accurate. He IS a star. Randy Arozarena has quickly become one of the most must see, exciting players in baseball this October. When legends are made, Randy is rising to the occasion and making sure his legend grows.

With his 1st inning 2-run bomb in Game 7 of the ALCS, Arozarena set a new single postseason record for HRs by a rookie (besting Evan Longoria’s six in 2008).

Randy and the Rays will be playing 4-7 more games this October, and that means 4-7 more games for Arozarena to continue to set, extend, and break postseason records. Let’s take a look at who is next for Randy’s record book rampage!

Rookie Hits - Derek Jeter 22 (1996)

Arozarena currently sits at 2nd with 21 hits. Two hits away from knocking Jeter off his pedestal after 24 years. The way Randy is hitting, this record could be his during Game 1.

But here’s the thing with Randy: he may be a rookie, but his October is not just special for a 1st year player. Arozarena has all time single postseason records also well within range.

Hits - Pablo Sandoval 26 (2014)

Randy (21) is 4 hits away from tying and 5 away from breaking the Panda’s single postseason hits record.

Total Bases - David Freese 50 (2011)

Arozarena is currently tied for 2nd all time with 47 total bases this postseason. He’s tied with some pretty impressive company, in Albert Pujols (2011), Pablo Sandoval (2012), Troy Glaus (2002), and Carlos Beltran (2004). Next HR Randy hits will give him the record.

Home Runs - 8 (three way tie), Barry Bonds (2002)/Nelson Cruz (2011)/Carlos Beltran (2004)

Randy Arozarena currently has the rookie record of 7 HRs. When you are within 1 of joining these three prolific power hitters, that’s something special. Bonds was one season removed from setting the single season record of 73 HR. Beltran had a postseason run that cemented him as one of the best midseason acquisitions ever. And Boomstick really broke out for the whole world that postseason, sadly ending in his glove being the biggest memory of the World Series for the Rangers.

Randy has the rookie homerun record. He’s two homeruns away from having the all-time record all to himself.

The things you do in October become the things of legends. They get remembered, retold, and have a special place in this century old game. in 2020, Randy Arozarena is making his mark and writing his own tales of greatness in those October legends.