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World Series Bound! Here’s all the best Rays merch out there

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Here’s where you can get your Rays ALCS merch and more!

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The Tampa Bay Rays are heading to the World Series.

And honestly one of my favorite things about this is all the incredible post season gear that gets rolled out. I’ve collected all my favorite things from the ALCS win and put them together here.

What they wore on the field

If you’re anything like me, you love to snag what the players wore on the field. The elastic wearing out from my 2008 American League Champions hat can attest to that! So here are some links to that up front:

Now on to the good stuff!

The World Series Patch

First up are the flat brims with the WORLD SERIES PATCH!!!!! And since the Rays will be the home team if this goes to Sunday, the flappy boi makes an appearance!

New Era 2020 World Series Participant Alternate Sidepatch 59FIFTY Fitted Hat for $43

I’m not a flat brim fit, so if if you’re a flex fit person, TB is for you, and if you like adjustables the devil rays has that functionality!

New Era 2020 World Series Participant Alternate Sidepatch 9TWENTY Adjustable Hat for $24

If you’re in on the on-field cap and dislike flex fit though, that fish hat’s for you!

The Best World Series Gear

Next up are all my favorites, starting with the home whites:

Nike Youth 2020 World Series Bound Custom Replica Jersey for $125
Blake Snell 2020 World Series Bound T-Shirt for $35

My favorite logo is this block font:

‘47 2020 World Series Bound Super Rival T-Shirt for $30

As well as some other variants celebrating the Rays making it:

Women’s 2020 World Series Bound Full-Zip Hoodie for $85

Celebrating the Players

Now we have to move on to celebrating the individuals, and among the gear out there, these are my favorite:

The MVP:

Arozarena T-shirt for $28
Some Guy Named Randy - $28 | BreakingT

And there were the big players from the series:

Margot For It T-shirt for $28

The Stable

Of course, the Rays would not be here if not for The Stable, and there’s some great gear commemorating the pitching staff:

Kevin Cash, Stable Genius for $28 | BreakingT

And I’d be remiss to not link the incredible work being done by AcedOut! They have this in several fits and color combinations, so check it out here.

Stable hat - various | AcedOut

All AcedOut orders come with a 98ers koozie or sticker as well!

The Best World Series Accessories

Speaking of koozie’s, here are my four favorite accessories.

Go Rays!