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World Series Game 1 Diary

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Is this the real life? Is this just fantasy?

World Series - Tampa Bay Rays v Los Angeles Dodgers - Game One Photo by Sean M. Haffey/Getty Images

World Series Game 1. Glasnow vs Clayton Kershaw. How are we feeling Rays fans?

I still can’t believe we made it here! I’m sure the nerves will kick in once the game starts.
Might help that Rays’ Players seem relaxed as well

Inning 1

Rays hitters up first against the legendary Clayton Kershaw

Yandy Diaz with a base hit!

Randy worked a walk, but Hunter Renfroe struck out and Margot had a soft swing in bunt for the 3rd out, but we still got Kershaw to almost 20 pitches.

Ok, now it’s Glasnow’s turn.
He got a Mookie betts to ground out, but then walked NLCS MVP Corey Seager.

but a pop out of Justin Turner and fly out of Max Muncy and it’s all good!

Inning 2

Oh boy. Kershaw looks settled in as Wendle-Adames-Kiermaier go down 1-2-3.

Glasnow came out and got the first two outs, but gave up a single just past the outstretched arm of Willy Adames.

No damage as Glasnow got Pederson to strike out and end the inning.

Inning 3

Another 1-2-3 inning for Kershaw. We are totally going to get vintage Kershaw aren’t we?

To Glasnow’s credit, he is also pitching well working around a walk to Corey Seager to sit down the side

Inning 4

High K% + wipeout slider and curveball = lots of strikeouts.
Randy strikes out, Renfroe hits a groundout, and Margot struck out.

Glasnow gave up the dreadful lead off walk, and although got a ground out, it didn’t matter as Cody Bellinger homered and gave the Dodgers a 2-0 lead.

Glasnow gave up ANOTHER walk, but still got out of the inning with two strikeouts to end the inning.

Inning 5

Good news or bad news first? Bad news: Clayton Kershaw added two more strikeouts and got Wendle to groundout.

Good news: In between those two strikeouts, Kevin Kiermaier HOMERED OFF OF KERSHAW!

WE LOVE THAT. 2-1 Game!

Glasnow came out annnnnd walked the leadoff batter. Again.

Has Tyler always been bad at keeping baserunners on, because Mookie easily stole 2nd off of Glasnow with no outs.

No worries because Glasnow walked the next batter to put two on with nobody out.

Good news; Glasnow struck out the next batter.

Bad news: Dodgers executed a perfect double steal and WHY IS GLASNOW STILL OUT THERE?

Glasnow is at 103 pitches and the 5th isn't over?!

Glasnow gets Muncy to ground to Yandy Diaz at first who makes a good throw to home to try to get Mookie, but Mookie is too fast and the run scores.

Add another single by Will Smith and add another run and the Dodgers quickly have a 4-1 lead with only one out.

That would be it for Glasnow after 112 PITCHES. Yarby time (maybe too late) to Face Bellinger.

Bellinger would pop out, but back to back soft hit singles to Chris Taylor and Kike Hernandez would score two more to make it 6-1 Dodgers.


Inning 6

Maybe this long half inning, we will get this “playoff” Kershaw I’ve heard about?

Yandy hit a 103 MPH grounder that was gobbled up by Justin turner and threw out Diaz, from his knees. I thought we were supposed to make those plays!

Kershaw waited 36 minutes to throw pitches in the bottom of the 4th inning. I think the top of the 5th took, 5 min? Maybe?

Josh Fleming is in and gives up a leadoff home run to Mookie Betts.

Then back to back doubles quickly makes it 8-1 Dodgers.

Fleming got out of it. Finally. But too much damage has been done.

Inning 7

FINALLY Clayton Kershaw is done, and the Rays get to see the Dodgers’ bullpen and former Ray Dylan Floro.

With one out, Margot singles and Wendle doubles to put runners on 2nd and 3rd with 1 out!

Kevin Cash then pinch hits Ji-Man Choi for Willy Adames?

Which pushed Dave Roberts to lift Dylan Floro for Victor Martinez, which IN TURN had cash pinch hit Mike Brosseau without Ji-Man Choi even seeing an AB.

Bross singles Margot home! Kevin Kiermaier singles a run home and its now 8-3 with only one out!

Mike Zunino is putting together a good AB! He hit a SMOKING Line drive (105 MPH) right into the pitcher’s glove, who doubled up Joey Wendle. Inning over.

At least we are running into bad luck while down by 5 runs, right?

Nice 1-2-3 inning by Josh Fleming for the bottom of the 7th!

Inning 8

Nothing of note here, Rays go down 1-2-3

Josh Fleming back out for the 8th and the first 2 outs, then Cash called on John Curtiss with two on and two out. Curtiss only needed 3 pitches.

Inning 9

Dave Roberts bringing out Joe Kelly, and Austin Meadows hit a very long fly ball to Cody Bellinger, who did his best Kiermaier impression and jumped at the warning track to catch it.

Margot struck out looking and Joey Wendle hit a ball off of Kelly’s hand, deflected to Seager, who fired to 1st just in time for the out.

Game Over. Dodgers win 8-3 for a 1-0 Series lead.