I Refuse to Read DRaysBay

Today, I refuse to read DRaysBay. It comes from an old habit. I'll explain.

I used to be a Yankees fan -- not one of the obnoxious ones, more like your typical Strat-O-Matic nerd who knew OBP is at least as important as batting average. I grew up in Syracuse, NY (not "the city"), and for a part of my life our AAA franchise was affiliated with the Yankees.

I became accustomed to winning. So when the Yanks didn't win, I would not open the sports section and look at the box score or the standings, ESPECIALLY the standings! It hurt too much, and my emotional intelligence was still developing.

When I switched my allegiance to the Rays I didn't carry over the same expectations. I did not expect the Rays to win every time they played. I fully bought into the Rays Way. Of course these days the printed sports section has been replaced with DRaysBay and Fangraphs, but not today. I refuse.

After the Rays dropped the first game of the World Series to the Dodgers last night, the same old feelings came rushing back to me. I expected my Rays to win, and because they didn't, I refuse to read DRaysBay. Today.

I hope to see you all tomorrow morning.

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