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Squad Goals: Tampa Bay Rays Getting Support From Other Bay Area Athletes

There is something special about the relationship across Tampa Bay professional sports franchises

American League Championship Series Game 1: Tampa Bay Rays v. Houston Astros Photo by Alex Trautwig/MLB Photos via Getty Images

Tom Brady is rooting for the Tampa Bay Rays to win the World Series.

Let that sink in. The man that has been the face of a sports town that Rays fans love to hate is now an ally as the starting quarterback for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Before Game 1 of the World Series, Brady narrated an introduction video for FOX and tweeted out his clear declaration of support for the Rays.

Going G.O.A.T. for G.O.A.T. the Los Angeles Dodgers received support from Los Angeles Lakers star LeBron James during their Game 1 win.

Some might ask why any of this matters but part of the narrative of this World Series is the crowning of the city bubble champion with the Tampa Bay Lightning winning the NHL’s Stanley Cup and the Los Angeles Lakers winning the NBA Finals. Both cities are looking to celebrate their second championship within a month depending on the outcome of the World Series currently tied 1-1.

According to the Elias Sports Bureau, the Rays are three wins away from the Tampa Bay area becoming the fourth metropolitan area to win a Stanley Cup and World Series in the same calendar year. They would be joining the 2000 New Jersey Devils and New York Yankees, 1933 New York Rangers and New York Giants, and the 1928 New York Rangers and New York Yankees.

To be clear, nobody should have any expectation that hockey or basketball players have an obligation to tweet support for their baseball comrades on social media. The relationship could be likened to employees of businesses that share the same office building or strip mall. You might see each other in passing and share customers while having no relationship or know more than first names.

The lack of obligation is what makes these digital (and perhaps real life) bromances so fun to watch. Beyond Brady, numerous other Tampa Bay sports stars tweeted not only their support of the Rays in general but the proof they were actively watching and rooting along as the games go on.

One of the most amazing signs of support came from the Lightning’s Alex Killorn. During the team’s championship parade after winning the Stanley Cup, Killorn decided he would wear his personalized Rays jersey while riding a jetski with the trophy over his head. The epic trifecta.

Steven Stamkos made sure everyone knew he was watching Game 1 by tweeting out a photo of the tv screen. He doubled down his support before Game 2 by joining Robert Flores on MLB Network and said, “Whatever’s been in the water this year in Tampa, it’s been really good.”

The appreciation is certainly a two-way street. Kevin Kiermaier was quick to congratulate the Lightning after they won the Stanley Cup a few weeks ago.

Maybe the secret to all of this is the water.

After all, Tampa Bay isn’t a city it’s a body of water that connects a region. Perhaps that connection in the naming of the teams translates over to the players.

No matter the reason, it’s fun to see all these professionals supporting each other as they try to bring home a World Series Trophy.