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Rays up the vote: make sure your voice is heard

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So many ways to vote

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The Tampa Bay Rays have made it easy to find information about voting in the upcoming election thanks to their Rays Up the Vote website. Check it out for helpful links and deadlines.

As November 3 approaches, here are some reminders for Florida voters.

Early voting: Your county will have early voting locations open through November 1. Check here for links to county early vote sites, or google your county’s name and “early vote” for locations and times. During the early voting period, you can vote at any location in your county. You can also drop off completed mail ballots, or hand in your mail ballot to be destroyed and vote in person.

Early voting ends the Sunday before election day. If haven’t voted by the end of November 1, you need to wait to vote on November 3.

Election Day: On election day you MUST vote in your assigned precinct. You can find your precinct number and voting location listed on the voter identification card you were sent when you registered. If you have misplaced that card, you can look yourself up on your county supervisor of election website - your precinct will be listed there. You can also surrender a mail ballot to vote in person.

Whether you vote early or on election day, you will need to bring identification with you. A Florida driver’s license or non-driver ID card is the preferred form of identification, as it can be swiped into the check-in machines at your polling place. If you don’t have this official state ID, you can find a list of alternatives here. Remember, the polling clerk needs to check your photo and your signature, so you need identification with both of these items.