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Tampa Bay Rays News and Links: Backs Against the Wall

After a thrilling win on Saturday, the Rays lose to Clayton Kershaw and face elimination

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MLB: World Series-Los Angeles Dodgers at Tampa Bay Rays Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

The Rays split the two weekend games of the World Series against the Dodgers to make it three games to two. The Rays will face elimination on Tuesday, when Snell squares off with Gonsolin.

Sometimes we forget that players are real people with lives and families. Here are a few reminders.

The rest of the baseball world is finally catching up to the joy of Choi.

ICYMI, Randy set some records.

A nice piece in The Athletic about Tyler Glasnow.

A good read at Fangraphs about Tom House.

Ben Clemens at Fangraphs on Nick Anderson’s curve.

An interview with Ryan Sheriff.

The next manager of the Red Sox won’t come from Tampa Bay.

Emma Baccellieri on that bonkers win in Game 4.

Tom Verducci on Brett Phillips, World Series hero.

John Romano on Margot’s attempted steal of home in Game 5.

The last successful straight steal of home in the World Series was by — of course — Jackie Robinson.

Stark at the Athletic on Game 5.

At least somebody at Beyond the Box Score finds us aesthetically pleasing!

Cody Bellinger makes a tough catch look easy and maybe saved the game for the Dodgers.

It’s usually bad form to complain about balls and strike, mostly because you end up sounding like a big ol’ cry baby. But the work behind the plate this series has been...odd. From the pretty good job of Bill Miller to the abomination of Todd Tichenor, every game has favored the Dodgers in terms of run expectancy change of the missed calls. Still waiting to see the results from last night, but it sure felt like the Dodgers got all the calls. Give me robot umps, please. Source: Umpire Scorecards.

Update: Marvin Hudson scores better than I expected, but his misses again hurt the Rays disproportionally.

On a lighter note, this made me laugh.

Dave Wills on recovering from a tough loss:

During the broadcast of Game 5, Joe Buck said plainly what Brian Anderson and Ron Darling danced around in the ALCS.

Topper on what you need to know during this off day.

Go Rays!