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Live Game Diary, Game 2: Must-won

You can breathe now

Division Series - New York Yankees v Tampa Bay Rays - Game Two Photo by Sean M. Haffey/Getty Images

7:41 p.m: Nervous. But good nervous. Feeling good albeit in what is basically a must-win. Back to being nervous.

7:58 p.m: I still find it so bizarre seeing Ernie Johnson hosting a baseball pre-game show. Just doesn’t feel right. Not bad. Just not right.

7:59 p.m: Put “Ding Dong Johnson” on Pedro’s HoF plaque.

8:04 p.m: Let’s put all this “Deivi as Pedro” stuff to rest, Rays batters.

8:09 p.m:

8:14 p.m: Glasnow hitting 101 on the gun [eyeballs emoji]


8:21 p.m: All right, Future Pedro aka Young God aka God’s Gift to Pitchers aka Jesus Pitching Christ aka Deivi Garcia takes the mound... please shut these announcers up, Rays batters.

8:29 p.m: When does Randy Arozarena take off the mask to reveal he’s been Mike Trout the whole time? 1-0 Rays.

8:38 p.m: When did Giancarlo Stanton take off the mask and reveal he is once again Giancarlo Stanton? (Answer: About five days ago...) 1-1 Rays.

8:43 p.m: Good bounceback from Glasnow. The stuff looks SHARP.

8:47 p.m: Happ in for Deivi. Wonder if the BPro gang will complain about the Yankees suppressing salaries with their playoff opener...

8:55 p.m: I have never once doubted Mike Zunino’s ability to play baseball... 3-1 Rays.

9:09 p.m: Six in a row for Mr. Dreamboat himself. (Has Glasnow officially stolen this title from Kiermaier, or does seniority still win out?)

9:13 p.m: Is there a human on earth with a more punchable face than Luke Voit?

9:19 p.m:

MarGOAT. 5-1 Rays.

9:24 p.m: This could get reallll ugly, realllll fast. Curious to see how Boone plays his pen the rest of the way. [Editor’s note: This, how do you say: Aged horribly!]

9:28 p.m: CB Bucknor gets the Yanks out of the bottom of the third, and now it’s on the Rays pitchers to win this game and even things up. Let’s see if they can put a stop to this absurd run from the Yankees.

9:35 p.m: Holy hell, the Yankees are locked in right now. That lead shrunk quick. Stanton just DEMOLISHED that Glasnow fastball. 5-4 Rays and I’m clenching.

9:58 p.m: Clint Frazier oh so close to handing the Rays a couple runs with that, circuitous, route in left field, but it remains a one-run ball game and my nerves remain frayed.

10:06 p.m: MASSIVE fifth frame from Glasnow there to send them Rays into their bullpen with a couple fewer outs needed. Maybe his best inning all night.

10:20 p.m: Just like we all guessed: Zunino, Margot, and Kevin Kiermaier driving the Rays offense... 6-4 Rays.

10:27 p.m: Glasnow back out for the sixth... I’m saying it now: Don’t love this. The lack of off days is messing with Cash’s head.

10:29 p.m: Yup, leadoff walk. Cash getting wayyyy too cute trying to steal these outs. Didn’t you learn last night?!

10:35 p.m: Oh, oh Diego. That’s pretty stuff. Three pitches to Voit: sit down. Three pitches to STANTON: sit down. Three pitches to Urshela: And we’re on to the bottom of the sixth.

10:43 p.m: Getting even a near-peak Meadows back would be an amazing boost for this offense. That was a poke. 7-4 Rays.

11:01 p.m: Blood pressure starting to rise again. Torres works an impressive walk and Frazier bloops one into center. Castillo out, Anderson in, nine outs to go, two men on, three run lead. Gahhhh

11:11 p.m: Nick Anderson: elite. Grab some pine, Judge. Six outs to go.

11:27 p.m: Two innings of Nick Anderson on 22 pitches—my horn can pierce the sky.

11:35 p.m: Commercial break heading into the ninth. Fairbanks on to attempt to lock in his first save of the season. The clench is real.

11:39 p.m: Lead off walk.

11:45 p.m: Back-to-back walks...

11:49 pm: Fairbanks K. Gahhhhhhhh, I’m dying. Two outs to go.

11:51 p.m: Sanchez gets all air. One out away... (I literally have no jokes, this is just what’s happening and my brain can’t process more.)

11:52 p.m: LeMahieu RBI single. Judge up to the plate as the go-ahead run. 7-5 Rays.

11:54 p.m: Never a doubt. Rays in 3.

(And on your way out:

Thanks, Dom.)