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This was a fun one!

TBS starts the game by noting the winner of Game 3 takes the series 72% of the time... Gotta put that out of the mind and scroll twitter.

Tanaka takes the mound as the TBS broadcast remarks that “no one can execute a gameplan like Masahiro Tanaka” which... ok.

Let’s do this.

Top 1

But lets be honest, Tanaka is a Rays killer, so I’m a little worried. Thankfully, Randy gets his requisite first inning hit.

The sun has not yet set in San Diego and it’s all the broadcast can talk about.

Aaron Judge nearly runs face first into the fence and snow cones what felt like a Choi Boi longball off the bat and Ron Darling declares, “You won’t see a play better than that tonight,” as if he’s not broadcasting a game with the best center fielder in baseball...

Bottom 1

Charlie Morton only needs 10 pitches to get through the frame.

Top 2

Ron Darling refers to Yoshi Tsutsugo as “Yokohama” which doesn’t come across well.

Playoff Wendle and Road Game Willy quickly hit singles, and Michael Perez makes up for lost time (is this his first plate appearance of the playoffs?) and knocks in a run!

I was never worried!

1-0 Rays!

Bottom 2

Morton strikes out Stanton on his cutter and Urshela on his fastball. It’s surprising to see Uncle Charlie abstain from his curveball but I’ll take it!

Top 3

Randy has another hit??? This dude is getting on base in 23 of his plate appearances!

Nothing comes of it, but BreakingT pulls the trigger and launches the new Randy Arozarena t-shirt (!).

Bottom 3

Charlie Morton allows his first base runner in Brett Gardner, but until that point he felt untouchable. Then catcher Higashioka dribbling a ball to short stop and DJLM walked.

Bases loaded for Aaron Judge on one out, and he gets a first pitch RBI on a flyout to right field. Tie ballgame 1-1.

It’s becoming clear the broadcast team did zero research on the Rays as they compliment the “strong arm” of Meadows while remarking how he doesn’t have much experience in right field...

Charlie Morton is getting audibly frustrated with the zone but walks Aaron Hicks to reload the bases. He needs a generous full count to get Voit to ground out, and one has to wonder where 1TTO Charlie went.

Top 4

Wendle singles again and then makes the Yankees work on an attempted steal... which fortunately was ball four to Adames!

Two on, none out, tie ballgame. Who’s afraid of Kevin Kiermaier???

Outlaw out here crushing longballs!

Ignore the launch angle comment, idk what they’re saying most of the night. I mean, what do you think the broadcast was talking about here before the homer?

4-1 Rays!

Bottom 4

Charlie Morton strikes out Stanton again.

Top 5

Hi welcome back to the ballgame hope you had a chance to use the bathroom, make a cup of tea, we’re almost to the halfway point and HOLY SH!T RANDY

One pitch in the inning, and Tanaka is chased from the game!

In every game of the ALDS Randy has at least three hits with a home run.

5-1 Rays!

Astounding! And after four innings, the Yankees are dipping into the bullpen!

Ji Man Choi muscles a single into the outfield but Chad Green otherwise gets it done.

Bottom 5

The catcher hits a flyball that KK has to dance backward to catch, but he’s positioned so well that the broadcast doesn’t notice.

DJLM hits a slow dribbler to get on base, but Uncle Carlie finally pulls the string on a signature curveball, sending Aaron Judge back to the bench. Alas, Aaron Hicks would connect on a breaking ball just fair up the right field line for an RBI.

5-2 Rays.

Top 6

KK still hot... at the plate I mean. He does what Aaron Hicks did, doubling into the right field corner. Michael Perez showed bunt for strike one, strike two...


Perez’s two-run shot chases Chad Green, and again the Rays are homering the Yankees into their bullpen.

7-2 Rays!

And the inning isn’t over! Meadows goes meekly, B Lowe bats into the shift, but my god that’s Randy Arozarena’s music and he...

Walks! Still can’t be stopped! And now he’s winking at the dugout!

Ji-Man Choi follows with a barrel out in front of the pitch, and the liner bounced up against the right field wall, scoring Arozarena easily.

8-2 Rays!

Bottom 6

Kevin Cash called upon The Pale Horse of his stable for the sixth, summoning John Curtiss to pitch with a six-run lead, one day removed from a 40-pitch implosion in Game 1.

Curtiss greets Giancarlo Stanton with a fastball down the middle, and he hits a single. Thankfully, Urshela and Torres follow with flyouts, before Curtiss gets Gardner swinging on the same fastball Stanton hit.

That’s a goose egg in the frame from the pesky pale horse!

Top 7

Wendle leads off with his third hit of the night. Twitter is getting flooded with Rays positive fun facts.

Bottom 7

John Curtiss is back on the mound (!) and has a four-man outfield (!!!). He gets two outs, thanks in part to a KK sliding grab, and Cash turned to... hey, Shane McClanahan! Nice to see he’s still rocking the Gasparilla beads.

Respect to Kevin Cash for both re-writing Game 1’s bullpen fiasco, and also for not giving the Yankees new looks. It’s an easy out.

Top 8

Brett Phillips entered the game earlier. He strikes out here, then it’s two groundouts from B Lowe and gasp Randy! Noo!

Bottom 8

Shane returns — he’s a starter in the minors so one has to wonder if he can go two more innings. The frame begins with a groundball to Willy and he rifles it over Choi’s head, changing an out into a double.

Giancarlo Stanton then, you guessed it, homered.

8-4 Rays.

Shane responded well by mixing his slider and amping up the fastball to his top velocity. The result was a groundout from Urshela, then two strikeouts on the breaking ball to Torres and Gardner.

Top 9

I’ll spare ya, it was three ground outs.

Bottom 9

Considering that Kevin Cash is likely to choose an opener for Game 4, who the Rays picked to pitch the final frame with a four run lead was interesting. Do you trust another rookie like Thompson? Do you use one of other horsemen?

Cash initially left McClanahan on the mound, but a right handed pinch hitter from the Yankees leads the Rays to the bullpen, calling in Diego Castillo. Famine.

Of course the Yankees pinch hit their pinch hitter then, bringing in lefty swinging Mike Ford. Pop out to the catcher.

Willy Adames charged down a chopper with quick feet and a quick throw to retire DJLM, and the final out say Aaron Judge ground out to third.


Rays Win! Rays Win!