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The Randy Arozarena Show, now a T-Shirt

Celebrate the Cuban Rocket!

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Randy Arozarena cannot be stopped — and neither can BreakingT from celebrating the Rays rookie with this t-shirt!

That’s some mean muggin.

Yeah, that’s the bat flip from Randy’s massive home run against Gerrit Cole in Game 1 of the ALDS:

Not to be confused with this batflip from Game 2!

Or this rocket from Game 3!

At publishing, Randy has 12 hits in five playoff games and as Tampa Bay’s star left fielder is cemented in the No. 3 hole of the playoff lineup. He has an incredible story from his defection that’s worth your time.

Arozarena is near to all Rays fans hearts. Now he can be even closer with this shirt!

Get your Arozarena Batflip Shirt here!