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Randy Arozarena filmed in domestic dispute over daughter in Mexico; detained

The Rays outfielder allegedly attempted to leave his ex-partner’s home with his daughter against the family’s wishes.

Rays outfielder Randy Arozarena, whose recent historical postseason performance put him in a national spotlight, has reportedly been involved in a domestic dispute in Mexico.

A Mexican newspaper report indicates that Arozarena arrived at his ex-partner’s home to deliver gifts to his daughter, and then subsequently attempted to leave with the child without permission. The article also alleges that during the attempt Arozarena assaulted his former partner’s father, and that legal charges are being considered.

According to the report, there was enough commotion caused by the altercation that neighbors arrived and were able to prevent Arozarena from leaving with the child, thwarting an alleged attempted-abduction.

Video of Arozarena attempting to leave with his daughter, with a crowd standing in the way of his car, was shared to Facebook by an individual in support of Arozarena. During the video a police officer arrives and discusses the situation with the crowd.

Trigger Warning: Images and sounds in video may be disturbing to some viewers, please exercise caution if viewing

In the video, Arozarena can be heard speaking in Spanish, informing the crowd/officer that he feels entitled to leave with his daughter, asking, “Why can’t I be with my daughter? I’m the one that gives her everything.” Arozarena makes reference to “ropa, comida, zapato” as forms of support, and is concerned that his daughter does not have shoes to wear.

DRaysBay has not verified any claims alleged against the ballplayer at this time, and will update this article as more is learned.

Update — 3:15 PM

ESPN has confirmed that Arozarena was “detained” in Mexico after the incident in question, which includes an alleged attempted kidnapping of his daughter and an alleged assault of his former partner’s father.

It is understood to be standard procedure in Mexico for an individual to be detained as charges are being processed and facts are being obtained. The length of time to be detained can vary based on the individual’s home country, and can also be extended by a judge if required.


This article was updated to describe the woman in question as an “ex-partner.”