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Rays Your Voice: Hunter Renfroe DFA, with Darby Robinson

Was this move made to cut costs or dead weight?

MLB: World Series-Los Angeles Dodgers at Tampa Bay Rays Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

Note: This episode was recorded on Sunday, November 22nd, before Charlie Morton signed with the Atlanta Braves, and before Randy Arozarena’s alleged domestic dispute.

With Thanksgiving a day away, of course we needed to drop a podcast for our listeners to enjoy while either cooking or traveling (safely). Darby Robinson hops on this episode to talk about Hunter Renfroe, and the decision to designate him for assignment.

On last week’s Rays Your Voice, I was joined by JT Morgan and Jim Turvey, and together we gave fans a pretty good idea of what was going to happen at the deadline to add Rule 5 eligible players. Taylor Walls and Josh Lowe were must-adds, and Drew Strotman was a name that could also be brought up. Low and behold all three of those players were added, and to make room the Rays cut bait with Hunter Renfroe and Brian O’Grady.

Darby and I also take a look back at the Tommy Pham trade, and discuss whether or not moving on from Renfroe changes our opinion of the deal.