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Tampa Bay Rays News and Links: Slow Thanksgiving

I guess the baseball stoves were all busy with turkey dinners this week

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MLB: World Series-Tampa Bay Rays at Los Angeles Dodgers Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

Rays news

An overview of the Rays roster and contracts heading into 2021.

For Andy McCullough, the Rays Black Friday bargain could be....Rich Hill? At age 41? I dunno Andy...($)

Jeff Sullivan got his start at our sister site Lookout Landing, moved to Fangraphs, and then got hired by the Rays front office — so his baseball wisdom is now used mostly for proprietary purposes (to the benefit of Rays fans, of course). But he does talk baseball for a broader public on occasion, and this interview is one such occasion.

Randy Arozarena will not face charges from last week’s alleged incident. It remains to be seen whether the Rays or MLB will impose any discipline on him, as their disciplinary process does not depend on there being criminal charges filed against an athlete.

Al Lopez’s childhood home will soon be a Tampa baseball museum ($)

Around the League

We have a free agent signing, even if it’s “Minor” (sorry):

Interesting article from a former player about the need for coaching staffs to reflect the growing significance of Latin American/Caribbean players on major league rosters ($).

A writer for the team that hired a Rays front office person as its general manager, and then traded away their franchise player because they didn’t want to pay him, is now saying the Rays are bad for baseball because of an unsubstantiated trade rumor. I especially love the implication that the Red Sox trade of Betts was, somehow, the Rays fault. Ah, Boston sportswriters. Have at it friends.