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Happy Valentines Day from the Rays

Lots of love between baseball teams today

Tampa Bay Rays v Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim Photo by Victor Decolongon/Getty Images

Happy Valentine’s Day baseball fans! Many of us enjoy the combination of baseball and Valentine’s only because the latter usually falls around the same time as pitchers and catchers reporting, and the kick off of spring training. But in recent years, many intrepid major league social media teams have started having some fun with the holiday, and this year is no exception.

We know not everyone has Twitter (some of our readers value their sanity), so we thought we’d put together a mega-list of the Rays tweets to other teams, as well as the responses they got back.

Not every team replied (yet) but here are some of the exchanges to warm your heart.

The Arizona Diamondbacks got a smile from the Rays tweet.

The Rockies were feeling sunny after the Rays sent their love.

The Nationals decided to double-dip in Davey rhymes, and are apparently also admitting that he is a werewolf.

The Tigers weren’t sure they were ready to believe in love.

The Phillies are feeling the love.

The Cardinals raised a glass. [If you weren’t sure on this one, the home of Budweiser is in St. Louis, go do the tour one day!]

The Reds appreciate bad poetry.

The Braves were feeling flirty about some Georgia puns.

The Angels were all smiles.

Some mutual love from the White Sox.

A well-played pun from the Royals.

And the Mets went a similar route.

The Rangers sent kisses.

The A’s were touched.

The Pirates sent a little love, but no prospects.

The Jays even found some thematically appropriate gifs!

This exchange from the Marlins is just delightful.

The Padres were happy to play along.