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Friday open thread: Pick a fictional character to manage the Rays

Sometimes, you need someone with some imagination!

Parks and Recreation - Season 7 Photo by: Colleen Hayes/NBCU Photo Bank/NBCUniversal via Getty Images via Getty Images

At some point, while watching a game, I’m sure we’ve all said to ourselves “I could manage this team better than this guy!” We have all had a moment of thinking we know better, or wondering how such mystifying decisions get made.

This Friday’s open thread takes a different approach to the concept. Rather than asking yourself how you might handle being manager, we want to know which fictional character would be the best suited to manage a season for the Rays.

I picked Parks and Rec for the header photo because I think both Ron and Leslie offer interesting approaches and both might be good contenders for management. Leslie is upbeat, always looking to bring out the best in people, and a team would naturally rally to make her proud. Ron would probably make the entire team bats from hand and tell them not to pout after a bad outing.

With a world of incredible characters out there (they don’t need to be connected to baseball!) we wanted to know who you would pick as manager (or owner, or GM) and why.