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Rays release 2020 promotional schedule

There’s no DJ Kitty onesie, but these are pretty cool.

Courtesy of Tampa Bay Rays

One of the best times of the pre-season, especially if you have to plan your visits to Tropicana Field carefully, is the release of the new promotional schedule. The Tampa Bay Rays appear to have outdone themselves this season with some VERY cool promotions planned including a whopping six different bobbleheads (seven if you count the exclusive themed ticket package), five unique Rays Rookies Kids Club-only giveaways, and more.

Let’s break down the highlights!

The Rays will be doing a series of Audio Bobbleheads, a very unique spin on the usual bobblehead, that will include audio clips of a TV or radio broadcast call that features that player.

The dates for these will start in May, with Charlie Morton on May 9; Willy Adames on May 30; Tyler Glasnow on June 13; Ji-Man Choi on June 27; Blake Snell on July 28; and Austin Meadows on August 29. An additional bobblehead, without audio, will be part of an exclusive WWE Night ticket package on March 31, and will feature a WWE-themed Yandy Diaz.

Courtesy of Tampa Bay Rays

The only other theme ticket exclusive currently planned is for May 16, which will be the annual Star Wars themed game, and will have a Star Wars Jedi jersey as the promo item.

Not a bobblehead fan? There is an Opening Day schedule magnet on March 26, and a tote bag giveaway on March 28.

Have kids in your life? You’re in luck, because there are a tone of under 14 giveaways on Sundays this year, starting with a Kevin Kiermaier snapback cap showing off his stellar jump catch from last year, on March 29.

Courtesy of Tampa Bay Rays

A dry erase lineup card (why don’t these exist for adults?!) on April 19; sunglasses on April 26; and more, seen below.

Courtesy of Tampa Bay Rays

If your child is a member of the Rays Rookies Kids Club, there are five unique items they’ll have dibs on this year, including a Yandy Diaz beach tank on May 31; a Raymond and DJ Kitty headband on June 14; and perhaps most unique, a Brandon Lowe cereal bowl on June 28.

It’s a very cool mix of items for kids, and for kids at heart, and the introduction of audio bobbleheads adds a very unique spin to the offerings.

As part of the announcement of the promotional schedule the Rays also announced the dates they’ll be sporting their Devil Rays throwback jerseys, and navy retro caps. You can look forward to seeing them on April 25; June 13; July 11; August 8; and September 19.