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The Rays 2020 Batting Practice caps are here

Just in time for Spring Training

The annual update to the Spring Training caps have been unveiled by — and they will function as the batting practice cap throughout the season.

Every team will have their own take of a logo behind the logo — sometimes that’s an image to reflect the region (such as the Rockies and the state flag). For others it’s either a secondary logo behind the primary, as the Rays have done here, or the primary breaking through the secondary like the Padres have done.

And then some have used other logos of generations past.

Here are the full views of the Rays caps:

For the Rays, that means the same secondary logo will be featured on the side of the cap.

Not seen? The Devil Ray himself! I can’t help but ask: Why double up on one logo instead of choosing one and then the other?

If you like it, the cap will be available in all the varying fits this season.

What do you think?


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