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Rays release kids activities for the young fans in your life

Now where are my crayons...

The majority of schools around the United States are closed and kids are sitting home with nothing to do.

Well now, thanks to the Tampa Bay Rays, your children will have the opportunity to partake in several Rays related activities to help fill that huge baseball sized void in their lives.

The Rays have made three coloring pages available featuring their primary mascot, Raymond, the viral sensation DJ Kitty, and a new addition, Stinger the Sting Ray.

Along with the coloring pages, the Rays have six activity pages to choose from as a way to provide some stimulation and educational content for your young-lings, featuring:

  • baseball math
  • a crossword puzzle
  • a line unscramble
  • a mascot matching game, and
  • a Rays themed word search

Enjoy and Go Rays!