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Tyler Glasnow is still tipping his pitches

His first televised spring start showed a familiar behavior

Divisional Series - Tampa Bay Rays v Houston Astros - Game Five Photo by Bob Levey/Getty Images

In game five of last season’s ALDS, Tyler Glasnow was hit around by the Houston Astros, allowing four runs in the first inning. Video surfaced that appeared to show Glasnow tipping his pitches, leading us to wonder if that was an issue that would be fixed for the 2020 season.

That behavior does not appear to have changed after Glasnow’s Spring Training outing against the Toronto Blue Jays. Glasnow pitched into the second inning, not allowing any runs while striking out three, so the Blue Jays did not pick up on these tendencies. But let’s take a look into his outing and see where exactly Glasnow tipped his pitches.

Glasnow’s first inning took 23 pitches and almost every pitch had the same tendency as he got set: Glasnow set his glove up higher, usually above the Nike logo on his jersey, before throwing a fastball, and conversely, set his glove up lower, at or below the Nike logo on his jersey before throwing a curveball.

Here is a video of every pitch thrown in the first inning with the pitch type labeled:

Additionally, here is another video of the same pitches that Glasnow threw but with a line added, and as you can see, every fastball thrown had the line crossing through the glove, while the line was above the glove before every curveball thrown:

Glasnow’s pitches were still filthy despite giving the opposition a hint as to what he was going to throw, but this is still a concerning habit that should ideally be fixed before Spring Training is concluded.