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Tampa Bay Rays News and Links: The Tampa question again

The Athletic and their readers have some thoughts

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Boston Red Sox Prepare For Opening Day Photo by Jim Davis/The Boston Globe via Getty Images

The Athletic, arguably the leading sports news outlet right now and decidedly a leader in the daily discussions among sports media stories, continued their “What If” series today with their first Rays-centric article, and I’ll give you five guesses what they chose to talk about: What if... The Tampa Bay Rays actually played in Tampa?

Now, I am not a Florida resident, and honestly the stadium discussion is not my general strong suit, so I’ll save my thoughts, but needless to say, it was quite interesting to get the views of not just the local beat writer for the Rays at The Athletic, but also the many people he talked to, as well as the commenters on the article, who have thoughts. Check it out for yourself.

News and Links

  • An interesting non-Rays baseball article debating the merits of stolen bases and SB% as statistics without context.
  • If any of you somehow haven’t been reading Joe Posnanski’s Top Players and Moments series, YOU NEED TO FIX THAT! Here’s a fun one on the connection of the hot dog to baseball history. ($$)