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Who was the Greatest Devil Rays player?

The Hit Show is back! Introducing our Greatest Rays Player Bracket.

We’re back baby!

Darby, Danny (me!), and Brett Phillips are back on the pod, taking up a new endeavor without baseball around: Who was the Greatest Rays player in franchise history?

To answer that question we’re dividing Rays history into four brackets, starting with the Devil Rays days. On the pod, we will walk through who deserves to be seeded in a 16-player bracket from the Rays first decade of play.

Before we get into voting in each of the four corners of the bracket, we will have a vote-in category for the player we missed. You can cast your vote here:

Check out the other 15 players who made the list on the pod. Once all four sections of the bracket are determined, we’ll release all of Round 1 for voting.



Go Devil Rays!