Rays 2020 Season OOTP 21 Simulation - Intro and Community poll #1

Howdy all. So, as I said in my previous post, I'm doing a 2020 sim for the Rays on OOTP 21, which so far has gone very well, and I want to open things up to the community on occasion and let ya'll get involved a bit. The Rays stand at 37-13 as of May 21st, 1 game up on the Yanks, who are annoyingly 35-13. A few of the highlight include 3 walk-off wins against the Yanks for a 5-2 record against so far, a 3 homerun game for Tsutsugo, 4 2 homerun games for Meadows, and a 6 out of 7 season series against Houston.

So, short summary: the main offensive contributors have been Meadows, Renfroe, B Lowe, and Tsutsugo, with lesser contributions from Chris Herrmann, Adames, Margot, Arozarena, and Wendle. N Lowe, Diaz, Zunino, and Martinez have been the main negatives so far. Kiermaier and Choi have both missed considerable time from injury, but have been quite productive when healthy.

In the rotation, Morton has been excellent at the top, while McKay started out the year hot but has cooled off in May. Yarbrough has been good (ERA around 2) on a short leash; he's had 4 <=5 innings games, but also 2 >=8 games , so it's balanced out so far. Snell has been a bit erratic since coming off the IL but decent overall. Chirinos and Glasnow both went down very early with injuries and haven't been back since, but Banda, Richards, and Dylan Covey have filled in admirably, Banda especially (9-0, sub 2 ERA, and a consistent 5-6 behind an opener).

For the pen, Alvarado has been nigh untouchable, Anderson has been great apart from a hiccup in Boston, and Castillo has been hittable at times, but still very good overall. Kittredge and Roe have been killer against righties (Roe especially), and Jesse Hahn has been a solid multi-inning waiver pickup (though he's getting traded to make room for Banda). Poche has been okay if unspectacular, and Drake has been hit around some, but is still serviceable in the right matchup.

So with that out of the way, onto the issue at hand. Glasnow and Chirinos will be returning from injury in about 1-2 weeks, and I need to make room for them. Glas will take Banda's rotation spot, but that leaves Chirinos without a chair so far. Here are my options on how to address that:

Option #1: Demote Yarbrough or McKay - This is the option I'm leaning towards at the moment. Like I said, Yarbrough has been great, but I can't really rely on him against tough offenses; his overall performance makes him hard to remove at the moment though. McKay on the other hand was great in April (2.31 ERA/ 0.89 WHIP/ 32/4 K/BB), but not so good in May so far (6.53 ERA/ 1.31 WHIP/ 20/1 K/BB), and he's been living on borrowed time anyways since I originally was gonna send him down when Snell came back. However, he is probably my best option of the 3, so long term I could be better off keeping him.

Option #2: Send Chirinos to AAA - I don't really like this option, since I don't know what I have with him yet, he could be pretty good/better than Yarbrough, and I want to get him innings in case I move him at the deadline.

Option #3: Make a trade - This is an option, but not really a great one mainly because, like I said, I don't have too much that I need right now on the big league roster, and given I'm in win-now mode, I'd rather not deal from my MLB roster for prospects if I can help it. If I were to go this option, the only players I would consider moving are Chirinos and Yarbrough.

Option #4: Carry the spare in the bullpen - This is semi-plausible, since I already keep Yarbrough on a short leash, so I could have him and Chirinos work in a tag-team kind of arrangement. That would involve displacing a reliever though, and I don't have many options to choose from. I'm not sending down Anderson, Castillo, Banda, or Alvarado, of course, and Roe and Drake are out of options, so can't demote them. Kittredge and Poche have options, but I'd rather not lose Kittredge given his usefulness. Poche I honestly haven't had much use for, though, on the other hand; the only team I've faced so far with enough lefties for Poche to be useful (and not have Alvarado take them) is Boston. My two main options for this then are moving Drake or demoting Poche.

I'm of course interested in hearing any opinions that you have in the comments, can answer any questions and provide additional season stats or highlights on request.

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