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Friday Open Thread: What is your favorite Evan Longoria memory?

He’s been gone for years, but still remains a part of the Rays fandom.

Tampa Bay Rays v Baltimore Orioles Photo by Mitchell Layton/Getty Images

Evan Longoria, in spite of being gone from the team, will remain a huge part of the Tampa Bay Rays legacy. For modern fans of the team, many still think back to those days when it seemed likely that Longoria would be a lifetime Ray thanks to taking team-friendly extensions that clearly demonstrated his commitment to the club.

Fans liked that about him, that he cared about the team he played for, that he could have gotten more money elsewhere at the prime of his career, but he stuck around.

Obviously things didn’t turn out the way fans or Longoria might have hoped, but even with him playing elsewhere, and even in spite of some less than kind commentary he made after leaving, he still remains a fan favorite, the baseball player version of “the one that got away” as some wonder how different things might have played out if the team had kept him.

With the recent release of a special podcast with Neil Solondz and Longoria, we thought it might be a good time to go for a walk down memory lane.

What is your favorite Evan Longoria memory? Is it one of the more obvious on field moments, maybe a funnier one, or did you get a chance to meet him once and the encounter really stood out?

We want you to share with us what the first thought is that comes to mind when you think of the form Rays star.