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Who is the greatest Rays folk hero?

It’s time to set the stage for the greatest Rays who, you know, might not have been the greatest performers of each era!

The Hit Show

Welcome back to The Hit Show!

Danny, Darby, and Brett Phillips are discussing the greatest Rays players in franchise history, in preparation for a 64-player bracket.

We will be inviting the online Rays community to vote our way through the Greatest Rays of all time — or the most Beloved Rays if you’d like to look at it from another angle — with four divisions, and the fourth and final corner is the “fun” bracket: The Folk Hero.

We’re calling it the Don Zimmer region, and it can be any Rays player who took the field in franchise history. We already seeded the greatest performers, but there are many great names who were left out of that discussion! We bring it full circle in this podcast.

For each of the four corners of the bracket, we will have a vote-in category for the player y’all feel most deserves to be included. You can cast your vote here:

Once this vote is complete and all four sections of the bracket are determined, we’ll release all of Round 1 for voting.

You can listen to this pod in the embed at the bottom of the page, or find us here:



Go Rays!

Previous seeding: