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Rays Your Voice: Out of the Park Baseball with Jim Turvey

Out of the Park Baseball Screenshot
An in-game screenshot from Out of the Park Baseball 21

This show will typically be a platform in which we recap real-life baseball, and I hope we’ll be doing that again very soon, but on this episode of Rays Your Voice I’m joined once again by Jim Turvey to talk about some virtual Rays Baseball on Out of the Park Baseball 21, a text-based computer simulation game that allows you to take on the role of manager, general manager, or both for practically any professional baseball team around the world.

Jim and I each created saves with the Rays on OOTP 21. He’ll be simulating through a season without touching the roster or the lineups, so don’t get upset at him when the game decides to put Kevin Kiermaier in the lead off spot. On my end, I’m making all the calls. Setting lineups, promoting some of the game’s top prospects, and making a couple trades along the way. Throughout the next few weeks, we’ll have updates on the show from Jim and myself about the progress the Rays have made in the game.

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