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Rays Your Voice: Tampa Bay Rowdies Talk with Matt Cox

Host of the Unused Substitutes Soccer Show Matt Cox joins the show to talk about St. Pete’s very own professional soccer club

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Listen, I promise you guys this is a baseball recap show. When there’s baseball to be recapped, we will recap it. BUT, when I get the chance to talk soccer on this platform, especially Rowdies soccer, I take it.

I love the Rowdies, but I’m no expert. So on this week’s episode, Matt Cox joins the show to talk about how he became a fan of the Tampa Bay Rowdies, his podcast and media platform the Unused Substitutes that covers the team, and how the Rays ownership has affected the club. Back in October 2018, Unused Substitutes writer Jake Nutting wrote an article about the Rowdies for DRaysBay, after it was announced that the Rays were buying the club from Bill Edwards.

If you’re a Rays fan looking to get into professional soccer, this episode is a great way to introduce you to the Rowdies, a team that plays right down the street from Tropicana Field at historical baseball site, Al Lang Stadium.

If you’re already a Rowdies fan, you probably don’t need much introduction to the club, its players, or the league it competes in, but you get to hear the stories of how Matt and I became fans, and some of our favorite players and memories of following the team.

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