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Rays Your Voice: 2020 MLB Draft Recap with Danny Russell

After giving all the shine to Nick Bitsko in the last episode, it’s time to Rays our voices about the rest of the 2020 draft class.



Last episode, Danny and I spent the whole episode talking about Rays’ first round pick, Nick Bitsko. We could probably do another episode on the guy, but the rest of this year’s draft class is well deserving of an episode themselves. The Rays added defense and lots of pitching with their last five selections, and Danny and I break each one down and let you hear from the players themselves.

I could write about each draft pick the Rays made last week, and what Danny and I said about them, but the other great writers here have already done that, so I’ll link to their articles instead:

Bradley Neveu: SS Alika Williams, Arizona State

jtmorgan: LHP Ian Seymour, Virginia Tech

Scott Grauer: RHP Hunter Barnhart, St. Joseph’s High School

Austin_reimann: SS Tanner Murray, UC Davis

Victor Akintola: RHP Jeffrey Hakanson, UCF

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