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Tampa Bay Rays News & Links: Still no baseball

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Is this the week a deal is struck?

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MLB: Spring Training-Minnesota Twins at New York Yankees Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

The indispensable Jeff Passan with the latest.

Ken Rosenthal says July 4th ain’t gonna happen.

So, forget July 4. Just tell us, oh squabbling parties, how low do you want to go? A 50-game season that would carry little credibility one year after the Washington Nationals started 19-31 in their first 50 games, only to win the World Series? A canceled season that would result in the sport going dark for nearly 18 months, diminishing income for all parties, wrecking players’ careers and deflating owners’ precious resale values in the process?

Per Ron Blum, players say owners are “depriving America of baseball games” over money dispute.

From Matt Snyder, owners planning a call today to discuss negotiations.

Buster Olney on how baseball can save itself.

Joe Posnanski has some ideas on what baseball could look like this year. Some of it is pretty wild.

Marc Topkin on how Rays pitchers are preparing for the unknown.

A’s owner John Fisher changes mind, will pay minor leaguers.

John Romano on St. Pete’s place in baseball’s fight for civil rights.

Joey Votto wrote a moving op-ed on his awakening since the George Floyd murder.

A Doug Glanville essay:

Andrew Simon on the biggest misses at each draft slot in history. Evan Longoria falling to the Rays makes the list.

Some fun quizzes from Paul Casella.

Lastly, a live look at negotiations: