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Rays Your Voice: Marlins COVID-19 outbreak, Rays stay hot against the Braves

Brett Phillips and Ian Malinowski debut on RYV to talk about the Rays hot start to the season, and how the pitching staff has been so effective.



Since we launched this thing, I’ve tried to make Rays Your Voice as positive as it can be, but when something occurs like what happened with the Miami Marlins this past weekend, we have to talk about the implications. To do that, I welcomed on Brett Phillips and Ian Malinowski for their Rays Your Voice debuts. We discussed how we got to this point, what Major League Baseball can and should do, and how close we might be to the season being shut down.

We aren’t here to make decisions though, we’re here to talk baseball. And at the time of recording, the Rays were coming off a series win against the Blue Jays, and were leading the Braves 2-1 in a four-game home-and home-series.

The bats finally came out in a big way in Monday night’s 14-5 victory over Atlanta, and the Rays pitching staff set a franchise record when they struck out 19 Braves batters. We discuss how Hunter Renfroe and Jose Martinez are fitting into the Rays lineup, and why Jalen Beeks is racking up so many strikeouts.

On Tuesday, the winning continued, and the Rays wrapped up their five-game homestand with a 4-1 record before heading to Atlanta. Again, the pitching was stellar and a big third inning was enough to carry the day. Yoshi Tsutsugo continued to showcase his abilities to work counts and get on base, and I too am starting to think that he should get some time in the lead off spot, as JT posited on last week’s episode of the Hit Show.

Wednesday’s game was the first truly frustrating one of the campaign (even with just 60 games, I’m sure we’ll have plenty), as the defense struggled in a 7-4 loss. With the team not traveling to Atlanta until the morning of the game, I can understand the sluggishness, but man this one was not fun. Oh yeah, and old friend Travis d’Arnaud featured for the Braves after his short but valiant run in the Greatest Rays Player Bracket.

We all know Thursday’s game wasn’t any more fun, but we didn’t know that at the time of recording. To wrap this one up, we look ahead to the weekend series against Baltimore, where the Rays will see another old friend, Alex Cobb, on Friday night when he faces off against Blake Snell. Ian Malinowski gives some insight as to why Cobb might look a little better than he has since he became an Oriole.

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