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Rays Your Voice: News from Summer Camp with Darby Robinson

Darby Robinson joins the show to talk all the news from the Rays’ first week of Summer Camp



Baseball news! Players reporting... again! This should be a joyful time, right?

I am very excited, but it’s no secret that things are going to be a little weird this year. Only a certain amount of players on the field at one time, dugout restrictions, no spitting, no finger licking—what’s baseball if you no one is out there licking their own fingers?

On this episode of Rays Your Voice, Darby Robinson makes his debut on this half of the podcast feed. Check out the latest episode of the Hit Show:

Darby and I sneak a little bit of KBO and MLB the Show talk in before we get into the news of the week, including Charlie Morton mulling retirement, Blake Snell apologizing and simultaneously doubling down on his comments made on Twitch earlier this year, and Ji-Man Choi taking some right-handed swings in the cage. Is this something we’ll see in the regular season? I doubt it, but I don’t doubt that Ji-Man is more than capable of hitting dingers from both sides of the plate.

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