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Rays release 60-game Schedule for 2020

Some quick observations.

MLB rolled out the full MLB schedule last night, revealing the Rays schedule to be a formidable challenge this season.

The Rays will face each AL East opponent for 10 games, although not equally split home and away, with the other 20 games divided amongst the NL East.

Here are some thoughts:

  • The Rays will travel more miles than any other baseball team in the AL East, NL East, AL Central, or NL Central divisions, for a total of 10,939 miles. By comparison, the Yankees will travel only 5,604 miles.
  • Only the Rockies fly father than the Rays from the NL West, while the Angels, Dodgers, Giants, Badres, and D-Backs all fly fewer miles than the Rays.
  • That mid-August road trip through Boston, Toronto, and then New York looks like the toughest stretch of ten games on the calendar.
  • All ten games to be played between the Rays and Yankees will happen in less than thirty days, beginning Aug. 6 and ending Sept. 2.
  • The Rays will be facing three playoff teams out of their nine opponents in the Yankees, Braves, and World Series winning Nationals.
  • The season ends with a road trip to the Mets, then a home stand against the Phillies. These sets of three games are the only time the Rays see each of those teams.
  • The vast majority of home games will be played at 6:40 PM EST, including five of six Saturday home games.