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Rays Your Voice: Lowe as in Wow, with Dominik Vega

Dominik Vega joins the show talk about which Rays players are leading the charge in this red hot road trip.



We’ve got to be straight up here. So far in 2020, Brandon Lowe has not only been the best second baseman in all of baseball, he’s been one of the best offensive producers in the entire game. He currently leads the AL in fWAR, and MLB in XBH. His strikeout numbers are down, and he is hitting against lefties and righties alike. It’s still early, and 2020 is a weird season, but it feels like the Rays are going to be paying Brandon Lowe a lot less than what he’s worth over the length of this contract.

Other than Lowe, Willy Adames and Mike Brosseau have been (not so quietly) raking for the Rays as well, even though Lowe is deservedly soaking up all the spotlight. With this collection of middle infielders performing at such a high rate, what does this mean for the Rays uber-talented pool of prospects coming through the minor leagues? What does it mean for Daniel Robertson, who was not so long ago seen as an important piece in the future of this club?

Dom and I break all that down, and take a peak into the upcoming series at Yankee Stadium against the Bronx Bombers. With Tanaka, Cole, and Paxton all due to face the Rays, we tell Rays fans why they should be nervous about this series, but also provide a glimmer of hope.

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