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Mystery Infielders: 8/20/2020

Can you identify the stat lines?

4th Annual Cartoon Network Hall Of Game Awards - Show Photo by Tommaso Boddi/WireImage

On the DRaysBay writers slack we like to play the mystery player stat comparison game. Usually these are part of an ongoing argument, where someone is accusing someone else of having a bad take, and is trying to trap them into acknowledging their biases. Most of the time the argument is centered around an old trade. Most of the time it’s between Danny and Darby.

So basically it’s The Hit Show. To get the right feeling, just listen to The Hit Show.

But honestly, you don’t need the context of the argument to enjoy this game. It’s a fun game. So from now on we’ll start popping the mystery player stat lines in here whenever they come up.

Here are four infielders, with their 2020 stats so far.

Mystery Infielders, 8/20/2020

Player PA Triple Slash wOBA wRC+ DRS fWAR
Player PA Triple Slash wOBA wRC+ DRS fWAR
Player A 76 .254/.303/.433 .309 97 2 0.3
Player B 87 .208/.379/.387 .342 109 -5 0.3
Player C 59 .264/.339/.434 .334 116 2 0.3
Player D 34 .387/.441/.774 .500 230 3 0.6
FanGraphs and Darby

When you’re ready for the answers, click here.

Extra credit if you can guess what axe is being ground.