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Rays Your Voice: Trade Deadline Preview with Danny Russell

With the Rays coasting towards the postseason, and the trade deadline looming, what moves, if any, should Neander and Co. look to make? 

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Injuries, injuries, injuries. They happen every year, and we knew there was a chance we’d see more this year with pitchers trying to get ramped up very quickly during Summer Camp. Chaz Roe and Nick Anderson add to the already long list of Rays relievers on the IL, and Yonny Chirinos is headed towards Tommy John Surgery, which will have him miss the rest of 2020 and the entire 2021 season.

With so many pitchers going down, should the Rays go out and acquire an arm or two at the deadline, or should they trust their depth that’s been so heralded? Even if the Rays wanted to go get a high-leverage reliever, what would it cost? After Chaim Bloom was able to get a pretty hefty return from Philadelphia in exchange for two mediocre relievers, the market might have been set too high for a team like the Rays to be comfortable entering it.

Yankee Stadium was a house of horrors for the Rays in 2019. Despite a magical game from Travis d’Arnaud, the Rays went 2-8 in the Bronx, and to be honest I was expecting more of the same in 2020. Low and behold, they went up their and swept the damn Yankees, taking control of the American League East. What does this mean for the team’s morale and their chances while playing in Yankee Stadium in the future?