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Rays Your Voice: Breaking down the Rays five-game losing streak with Brian Menendez

Brian Menendez joins the show to try and give Rays fans some hope going into a week in which they’ll face two division rivals.



Man, oh man I was not expecting to record this podcast with the Rays on a five-game losing streak, but here we are. It was an incredibly frustrating weekend at Camden Yards, made even more frustrating as the Yankees were dismantling the Red Sox at Yankee Stadium at the same time. To break down exactly what went wrong for the Rays this weekend, Brian Menendez hopped on the show, and provided the great insight he always does. We discuss the parts of the Rays’ defense that needs to improve, and improve fast, and also show some love for players who haven’t made an appearance yet, but could be close to showing up on the active roster.

The Player of the Week is back, a segment that will be familiar to those that started listening to RYV last year. I won’t give away the pick here, but you can click this link to read more on why this player could be one of the most important on the roster this season.

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