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Rays Your Voice: The final stretch of the regular season

With Rays games feeling rather low stakes recently, what can fans expect for the last two weeks of the regular season?


After the adrenaline rush of the trade deadline, and a heated series against the Yankees, it feels like myself and a lot of other Rays fans are in a bit of a funk. The Lightning are a game away from a Stanley Cup Final, Tom Brady is leading the Bucs onto the field, and the Rays have been temporarily put on the back burner in local media. A spot in the expanded postseason is all but secured, and it looks like the Rays have a really good chance of securing their third ever AL East title before the season’s over. What is there to care about before we get to October baseball?

First off, get healthy and STAY healthy. Charlie Morton and Ryan Yarbrough came back to the rotation after spending some time on the IL, and as things stand that should solidify the Rays postseason rotation. Josh Fleming has been pretty good since being added to the rotation, but can he pitch himself into the bullpen for the playoffs?

Who are the Rays most likely going to get matched up against in the first round, best of three series? Who should they want to play? With just two weeks left, it’s time to get excited. Another year of postseason baseball is on the horizon for the Rays.