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The Rays postseason hype video will give you chills

Needless to say, we’re a little excited.

Baltimore Orioles v Tampa Bay Rays - Game Two Photo by Greg Fiume/Getty Images

Ah, post Clinchmas morning, the air is bright, the world feels lighter, happier, brand new. For the second season in a row the Rays have clinched their postseason berth on the road, and this time they were one of the first three teams in baseball to do it (the Dodgers and White Sox have also secured a place in October baseball.)

Of course, it wouldn’t be a trip to the postseason without a new Rays hype video, and I thought it might be fun to juxtapose their pre-season video with this new postseason offering.

In July, ahead of the shortened season, this is what the Rays put out, and of course it made fans tingly with anticipation for the games to come.

Now, as the season winds down and their World Series dreams are one step closer, the Rays put together this piece, which echoes a lot of the parts of the pre-season one, and is guaranteed to give you chills (and if you’re anything like me, makes you want to run out and buy some postseason merch.)

Speaking of merch, these hats look pretty sweet.

While the Rays might not have been able to shower themselves in beer and champagne — I’m sure Tricia Whitaker’s hair is a bit relieved — they thrill of the clinch is still in the air for players and fans alike. Now the Rays can shift their focus to ending the regular season with the best record in the AL, a title the White Sox are hungry for as well.

And if the Rays social media team is looking for a side hustle in the offseason, they might want to consider making movie trailers, because I want to see “Tampa Bay Rays 2020: The Movie” after watching this videos back to back.