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Rays announce free “Digital Bobblehead” scratch off prizes

Papa Johns and team store gifts and coupons await!

In celebration of their upcoming trip to the postseason, the Rays and Digital Giveaways Group LLC (DiGG) announced the launch of a “digital bobblehead” — an online vehicle to get fans prizes via a virtual scratch off — designed for mobile devices.

As the name suggests, a digital bobblehead replicates the fan-favorite collectible in the digital medium through a high-quality 3D model which is viewable in the browser of any smartphone or tablet.

In addition to the familiar bobbling head motion, the digital figure can be viewed from any angle, revealing rich design details. The underside of the figure contains a value-added user bonus in the form of a digital scratch-off card, which reveals a coupon or prize.

The Meadows bobblehead and prize scratch off is hosted on

The giveaway is sponsored by team partner Sagicor Life Insurance Company, and the give away are value-added prizes and coupons from Papa John’s and the Rays Republic Team Store, designed to help fans “gear up” for the post season.

Here’s a bit more of an explanation from Eric Weisberg, vice president of marketing and creative services for the Tampa Bay Rays:

“COVID-19 has impacted every aspect of the game and caused us to reevaluate the way we engage with our fans in 2020. We appreciate the opportunity to bring this new technology to our market and energize our community through the magic of Rays baseball in a safe and socially distanced way.”

Each new user will receive a scratch-off coupon or prize, including unique Rays Republic Team Store merchandise, including team-branded fishing gear (something Meadows would approve of), and Papa John’s menu items.

Best of luck on the scratch off (hint: it’s under the bobble’s base!) — which, again, is designed for mobile phone or tablet interaction — and Go Rays!