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Game 2 Diary: This time with gifs!

Reaction gifs for every half inning

Wild Card Round - Toronto Blue Jays v Tampa Bay Rays - Game Two Photo by Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images

The Rays enter Game 2 of this wild and wacky MLB Postseason First Round matchup with the Toronto Blue Jays having won Game 1, leaving them one lone victory away from their first postseason series victory (we won’t count the play-in game as a series; but three games is enough) since 2010.

For today’s game, they say a picture is worth a thousand words... and a gif is worth a million. So here are 17 million words.

Top 1st: Six pitch inning for Glasnow.

Bottom 1st: One run for Tampa, could’ve been more given the four hits, but hey, a lead is a lead.

Top 2nd: Yup, Glasnow still good.

(Has anyone ever seen Glasnow and Cillian Murphy in the same room at the same time, by the way?)

Bottom 2nd: Uhhhh, that was a.... decent inning. Six runs for the Rays as they chase Ryu and, hold on, wait for it, BOTH ZUNINO AND RENFROE HIT HOMERS!

(And a bonus tweet, just for you Bo BichEttE since all four of those grand slam runs were unearned, you know.)

Top 3rd: Wow! Big home run from Danny Jansen. Does that make the game close now?!

Bottom 3rd: That conversation about what Manuel Margot has gone through this season, and the bond he has built with Adames:

(For more on that:

Top 4th: Oh god, Glasnow visited by trainer;

Phew, just a bloody fingernail.

Bottom 4th: Honestly, super glad that we’re only seeing Nate Pearson with the game in hand for us. Super not glad we’ll have to see this guy in the division the next five years.

Top 5th: Uhhhh, so Jansen has Glasnow figured out, huh? Please don’t tell your teammates! (Still up 8-2.)

Bottom 5th: Choi sighting!

Top 6th: Rays PR with the shoutout from the TBS crew. They truly deserve it!

(Ignore the Yankee-ness of that gif and focus on the adorableness.)

Bottom 6th: Randy Arozarena literally can’t NOT get on base. Put him in the Hall already.

Top 7th: Nine outs to go. Feeling good. It’s (Aaron) Loup-er time.

(Looper gang, assemble!)

Bottom 7th: Rays got this puppy on cruise control.

Top 8th: Can you smell it? Can you smell the ALDS?

Bottom 8th:

Top 9th: That’s it, folks. A 8-2 win for the Rays and it’s a two-game sweep of the First Round for Tampa Bay. They now get four days rest and will then take on the winner of Cleveland-New York in the ALDS. Let’s gooooooooo!!!!